to Work the Room like a Pro
  • What 5 ingredients go into a great ‘1st impression’
  • Start small talk from scratch with associates, friends & strangers
  • How to know what groups to move into with grace & confidence
  • Techniques to learn, remember & use names effectively
  • The 4 plusses to a great handshake
  • How to make great use of the ‘buddy system’ working the room
  • How to find your “fortune” in your follow-up (not just cash)
  • Tips for interacting with introverts & wall-flowers
Introduce Yourself in Technicolor
  • Can you tell others what you do, in 6 words or less?
  • Do your listeners say “Tell me more” when you introduce yourself?
  • Do people remember your intro the 2nd time you meet them?
  • Master 3 different styles/structures of introducing yourself to meet multiple situations
  • Learn to build & expand your “personal BRAND”
  • Find the magic in switching from a Title Intro to a Solution Intro
  • Includes workbook
How to Speak Your Customer’s Language


  • Master the differences in the 4 major communication styles
  • Get a jump on your dominate communication style
  • Engage with someone whose “language” is very different from yours
  • Learn how to click more, clash less with all types of people