What Others Are Saying About SashaSpeaks

We’ve worked together almost 20 years now.  I consider her one of my inner circle consultants whenever I have a delicate communication situation to play out, or when I have an important toast, and always when I have an important speech.  She makes herself available and has great insights that give me powerful material and delivery so that I can be most impactful.  Sasha is like McGyver:  whatever trouble I am having with a speech, she finds ways to improvise and elevate it and make me achieve my goal
Mark R. McLaughlin

MD, FACS, Neurosurgeon, Coach, Writer, Speaker

Your talk intelligently conveys how to make one’s first impression true to one’s personality.

From the moment people entered the room that evening, it was clear you were in control of the audience, practicing what you preach, and beginning a relationship with each new arrival. Your talk, “I Want to Do Business With YOU!” made quite clear the importance of a poetic, sizzling first impression.

I am so grateful to you for your extremely entertaining and useful presentation to our learning community. They certainly seem to have “grokked” your concept, and are making use of it. I would recommend you highly to any organization — among them my fellow family business programs around the country — that is interested in a lively, practical way for business owners to make a colorful, lively impression.

Ira Bryck

UMass Family Business Center

The tips you gave me really helped me to focus and execute my talk with more fun. I learned how to change the order a little, cut out ‘fillers’ and be comfortable with silence…so the audience could feel as well as hear my message. Many thanks; it was money well spent. You’re my sensei.
Bill Douglass

Sasha ZeBryk’s advice is right on the money. Her suggestions not only put me at ease with my presentation, but were exceptionally well-received by my audience. She is a drama coach, debating coach, and performance coach all wrapped up in one great teacher. I highly recommend anyone wanting immediate and demonstrable improvements in his or her public speaking.
John T. Duffy

Lawyer, Springfield/Hartford, MA

The buzz is all around campus about your event last night. The women are spreading the word on how much they enjoyed your talk! My boss, John Short, heard all about it as he was getting a snack in the Hive, the student snack bar, at 7:30pm. Kudos to you for coming to the A/C campus and helping our women grow professionally. Many wishes for continued success! You truly live the mantra that hard work, perseverance and passion pay off in wonderful ways.
Kim Wiezbicki Trudeau

A/C Staff Liason, Women’s Organization