Sasha's Story Book
Remarkable Women
Awe-inspiring stories of successful, spunky women including Jennifer O’Neill (Summer of ’42), Marci Shimoff, (Chicken for the Woman’s Soul), Patricia Fripp (1st woman president of the National Speaker’s Association), Devona Williams, Marci Shepard, Sasha ZeBryk

3 CDs & 2 tips books:

*CD Introduce Yourself in Technicolor!

*CD How to Give a Talk People Talk About

  • NetWork the Room Like a PRO– direct text from the CD

  • How to Give a Talk People Talk About-direct text from the CD

Sasha's 10-Piece Survival Kit

NetWorking CD & Tips Book Package includes:

4 CDs & 4 tips books, plus Remarkable Women & Time for Yourself -self management

*CD NetWork the Room like a PRO! -99 tips & techniques to connect & build relationships…from the first 7 second impression to small talk, handshakes, remembering names, asking interesting questions, moving in & out of groups & follow up.

*CD Introduce Yourself in Technicolor! & get your listener to say “Tell me more.” Pass the “eyebrow” test that creates curiosity in your listener. Eliminate your title & emphasize what you can ‘do’ for people. Tips for formal networking to informal social events.

*CD How to Give a Talk People Talk About  How to hook, book & keep your audience from the fist 9 seconds. Begin & end with a BANG. Craft the objective; understanding what your audience needs. Put flesh on your facts. Get emotional.

Tips Books

  • 52 Ways to Impress Your Boss without sucking up by Rodney Robbins

  • NetWork the Room Like a PRO– direct text from the CD

  • How to Give a Talk People Talk About-direct text from the CD

  • The Rookie Book…59 Tips to STAND OUT on Your New Job by Sally Elizabeth White…for college grads, new employees, transitional employees, career counselors, HR personnel, parents of young folk beginning their careers

  • Audit Thyself- Too little knowledge is a dangerous thing by Karen Orsak…Real-life turn-around stories of businesses that Karen analyses and gets the business owners out of hot water. Accounting wisdom in action from a 36 year pro!

  • Stop the Leaks…56 ways to increase the flow of profits by Nick ..Advice from a CPA who’s turned 155 small to midsize companies from failure to prosperity

  • 45 Ways to Showcase Your Style…Room by Room…by Karen Downey-redesigning? A workbook with all the tips for creating a new space…color, plan, texture, aromas. Advice like “Think twice; cut once.”