Keynote #1

 You Can Negotiate Everything
—Even The small Stuff!

A fun, entertaining AND practical presentation.
How to ask for deals, discounts, & decisions  you deserve.

YOU have the right to negotiate
— from your neighborhood shops to major national companies.

Learn the mental set and the quality questions you need to get what you you want.

Work The Room Like A PRO
(Mingle Like A Master)

Why it’s more important to be interested…than interesting.
How to build your personal BRAND with a Technicolor introduction.
How to nourish relationships with focused questions.
How to get through the fear to the fun of small talk that leads to BIG business.

Keynote #2

Keynote #3



Living Life In Joyful Abundance

Sasha’s 12 keys on how to make inner joy
a “Power Source.”

Story-Telling: the Myths & the Magic

Whether you’re in sales or show business
marketing or ministry,
part-time politics or half-time hang-gliding,
you must tell stories.
Stories stick; stories stay; stories sell.
Discover the tools of storytelling
that will help you hook your listeners…
so they’ll hang on your every word.

Keynote #4

Keynote #5


How To Give A Talk People Talk About

Winning ways to woo your audience:
open & close with a bang!
Put flesh on the facts.
Craft metaphors, examples & stories
that stick & sell.