Climb the Mt. Everest of Public Speaking

Let Sasha be more than your coach …

let Sasha be your “Sherpa”*

*A mountain-climber’s dependable guide; someone who’s traveled the route before.

If you’re:

An executive, professional, newly promoted associate, business owner, sales rep or real estate pro…

And want to be a speaker…

(or even if you’re a speaker already…and want to be a better one…)


Sasha can help you … climb with confidence!

When do you need a Sherpa? When you’re overwhelmed and keep “slumping into the valley” because you’re:
  • Newly promoted and apprehensive about holding staff and team meetings
  • In business development and anxious about making introductions and extending invitations
  • Confused about giving an acceptance speech
  • Nervous about emceeing a program
  • Wondering how to introduce other speakers
  • Asked to give a wedding toast and not sure how to say something meaningful
  • Speaking at a fund raiser and can’t find a way to persuade
  • Offering a eulogy and feel insincere
  • Speaking at your class or family reunion and just don’t know what to say

Yikes! Where Do I Start?